Author: Sgt. Carl Huber
Date: February 01, 2017 1:50 PM

Residential Burglaries in January, 2017

The San Rafael Police Department is notifying and requesting assistance from the community about a recent increase in daytime residential burglaries.  There have been several burglaries in virtually every neighborhood in the City of San Rafael since January 18th.  The method of the burglaries has been similar in the following areas:

  • The targets have been residential
  • The incidents occurred during business hours when it could be assumed that the resident is at work
  • The items taken were jewelry or other high value and easily concealed items
  • The points of entry were not readily visible from the street.

Due to the timeframe on some of the burglaries, it would appear that the suspects may have been in the area and watched the resident leave their home prior to committing the crime.  In a couple of incidents the burglars have hit multiple homes on the same street during the commission of their crime. 

These burglaries may be linked to other burglaries throughout Marin County.  For this reason, the San Rafael Police Department is asking residents to be vigilant with regard to vehicles and people in their neighborhoods that they do not otherwise recognize to be their neighbors or otherwise bonaifide service personnel. 

How You Can Help Yourself

  • Please pay special attention when leaving your residence for the day, looking for occupied vehicles on the street with individuals you do not recognize. 
  • Always lock and secure your doors and windows and set your alarm system prior to leaving your residence.  
  • Record serial numbers by simply photographing valuable items or jewelry.
  • Get to know and talk to your neighbors and share this information. 
  • Learn about Neighborhood Watch programs.
  • Call San Rafael Police if you are leaving town for more than a few days.

If you have any information that may lead to the identification or apprehension of those responsible for these crimes, please do not hesitate to contact the San Rafael Police Department at 415-485-3000.  Tips may also be made online at you see something suspicious or a burglary occurring call 911.

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