Author: Lt. Alan Piombo
Date: May 10, 2017 1:35 PM

San Rafael Police Department Awards Ceremony

The San Rafael Police Department will host its annual Department Awards Ceremony in conjunction with National Police Week ( on Monday, May 15, at 7:00 pm in the City Hall Council Chambers, 1400 Fifth Avenue, San Rafael.  There will be an informal gathering in the lobby at 6:30 pm and the awards ceremony will be included with the regular City Council Meeting scheduled for 7:00 pm.  The purpose of this awards ceremony is to recognize police employees and members of the community for extraordinary acts of valor, meritorious service, or other noteworthy performance (see criteria below). The ceremony will also recognize recently hired police employees and promotions.

LIFE SAVING CITATION: The Life Saving Citation may be awarded to an employee or volunteer who administered first aid or physical assistance to a person during a medical emergency, and the administration of first aid or physical assistance directly resulted in the saving of the person’s life or the prevention of serious injury or disability

MERITORIOUS CONDUCT CITATION: The Meritorious Conduct Citation may be awarded to employee or volunteer who applied exceptional professional expertise, ability and skill, beyond that behavior normally expected, in a single task, event, incident, or criminal case which significantly enhanced the accomplishment of the Department’s Mission or the Department’s reputation.

UNIT CONDUCT CITATION: The Unit Conduct Citation may be awarded to all members of an organizational unit who, over an extended period of time and on behalf of the Department, applied continuous professional expertise, skill, and dedication, beyond that normally expected, toward a task, assignment, or service which significantly enhanced the accomplishment of the Department’s Mission or the Department’s reputation.

COMMENDATION MEMO: An employee or volunteer may receive a commendation memo whenever an employee’s performance is noteworthy, but does not otherwise qualify for any of the awards outlined above.



Corporal Alex Holm

Officer Chris Duncan

Officer Michael Garrison

Officer Carlos Maldonado

Officer Buffy Paxson



Lieutenant Roy Leon

Corporal Ronda Reese



Police Reserve Officer Mark Hedeen

Marine Auxiliary John McGinnis

Marine Auxiliary Tim VanRaam

Marine Auxiliary Joel Bouyea

Marine Auxiliary Bruce Bunker

Marine Auxiliary Harry Barbier

Marine Auxiliary Robert McEachern



Former Lieutenant Jim Correa (now Novato Captain)

Sergeant Mike Vergara

Sergeant Raul Aguilar

Officer Jack Carpenter

Officer Gino Rantissi



Zachary Brickell (New Officer)

Roy Leon (Lieutenant Promotion)

Scott Ingels (Sergeant Promotion)

Justin Graham (Sergeant Promotion)

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