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Police professionals across our nation are being asked to address issues of use of force, racial injustice, and to look at practices and procedures in a new light.

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San Rafael Police Department

San Rafael Police Department

Public Health Alert

For Immediate Release

Author: Sergeant Justin Graham #494
Date: June 04, 2020 5:30 PM

Planned March in San Rafael Today

San Rafael, CA – The San Rafael Police Department has received information via social media and public inquiries that there is a planned march and protest that is expected to go from the Montecito Plaza to San Rafael City Hall.

We have had several peaceful protests in San Rafael already and we want to ensure that every participant is safe and able to express their First Amendment rights.  SRPD will be available to support any and all peaceful protests.  We will monitor today’s march and provide corridors of safety along its path.  We are prepared and ready to serve.

It is our mission to provide safe places for peaceful expression.  We are here to stand with you and facilitate.  We are charged with, responsible for, and held accountable to our community to provide safe places, safe neighborhoods, safety for our businesses, a safe downtown, and safe transit to and from these demonstrations.

It is important to note that we will not allow our community to be torn apart by the violence and destruction that has occurred in other cities by those committed to ill will. No one deserves to be victimized by those with the intent to cause division, harm, or destruction.  We are proud of how our community has responded thus far.

We are dedicated to protecting the Mission City and have a long-standing history of being committed to and working with our community. We stand with you and are as troubled by what occurred in Minneapolis as you are.

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Posted: June 04, 2020 5:47 PDT by Sergeant Justin Graham #494

Updated: June 04, 2020 5:50 PDT by Justin Graham


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