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"MOVE OVER" to Protect First Responders:

In California, the “Move Over” laws state that drivers must either change lanes or reduce speed when approaching an active emergency vehicle with blinking lights. Failure to obey the “Move Over” law can result in fines of up to $1,000, plus points on your driving record. Click here for more information.

San Rafael Police Department

San Rafael Police Department

For Immediate Release

Author: Lt. Dan Fink #447
Date: June 09, 2022 7:22 AM

Marin County Gun Buy Back Results

On Saturday, June 4, 2022, the City of San Rafael hosted a Marin County Gun Buy Back Day with the help of all the law enforcement agencies in Marin County along with the Marin County District Attorney’s Office.  The event was conducted at the Marin County Sheriff’s Department.

 Over a four-hour period, the results were as follows:

 A total of 552 firearms were turned in:

Handguns:    193

Rifles:            210

Shotguns:      149

Of the weapons turned in:

28 had qualifying characteristics to label them as assault weapons

7 others were illegal due to modification (shortened barrels or stocks)

4 were ghost guns containing no serial numbers brand or models (three AR-15 variants and one pistol)

2 weapons had their serial numbers filed off.

An estimated 11,000 rounds of ammunition were also turned in.

As a result of the firearms that were turned in, over $50,000 in cash was dispersed.

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Posted: June 09, 2022 7:22 PDT by Lt. Dan Fink #447

Updated: June 09, 2022 7:26 PDT by Dan Fink


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